Direct Service Worker (DSW) Opelousas

Location: Opelousas, LA (70570)
Company: Extended Family Incorporated
Industry: Healthcare
Job Type: Full Time
Posted: 13 days ago
Reposted: 6 days ago

A DSW is an individual employed by an agency to perform personal care services. A DSW is an unlicensed person who is at least 18 years of age.

The following tasks may be performed under a personal assistance services category:

1. Provide personal care services to the client, per the ISP

Personal care - The provision of one or more of the following services required by an individual in a residence or independent living environment:








(H)assisting with self-administered medications;

(I)routine hair and skin care; and

(J)transfer or ambulation.

2. provide the direct care services to the client at the time and place assigned

3. report and communicate changes in a client's condition to a supervisor immediately upon discovery of the change

-Examples of incidents that should be reported immediately:



-Skin breakdown or wounds


-Change in mental status

4. report and communicate a client's request for services or change in services to a supervisor within 24 hours of the next business day of such request

5. follow emergency medical training while attending the client

6. subsequently report any medical or other types of emergencies to the supervisor, the provider or others, pursuant to the provider policies and procedures

7. report any suspected abuse, neglect or exploitation of clients to a supervisor on the date of discovery, and as required by law'
Work Remotely

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Job Types: Full-time, Part-time